About Us

YARIMADA CHEMISTRY IMPORT EXPORT FOREIGN TRADE LTD. marmara region ISTANBUL as a result of its 17 years of sector experience in the province, in November 2019, it aimed to invest 5 million Turkish Liras in the first place and then an additional 10 million Turkish Liras. TRAKYA – EGE including all TURKEY and ABROAD to serve the market ÇANAKKALE ili GELİBOLU started its operations in the district.

YARIMADA CHEMISTRY in addition to the production of domestic and industrial detergent types, it sells approximately 1000-1500 product types, including garbage bag groups, paper groups and consumables, as a result of its dealerships.

YARIMADA CHEMISTRY our goal is to meet the needs of our valued customers (wholesale, public, foreign and corporate customers) with the most affordable prices and payment terms.

YARIMADA CHEMISTRY , has aimed to contribute to the country’s economy and to grow by creating employment by making use of the opportunities offered by the modern management approach, by further strengthening its institutional structuring with its expert workforce. As a result of its wide marketing and service network, we are proud of starting to provide corporate service to our valued customers. We are aware of the responsibility of the work it has done with all the quality certificates it has, and we care about hygiene for your health, which it has determined as the slogan… It has taken the principle of its duty in every part from production to shipment.

In this context;

YARIMADA CHEMISTRY is taking firm steps towards its high goals with its quality management carried out with its expert staff and teamwork, the target of purchasing quality materials from all over the world, on time and at an affordable cost, and the technological opportunities it uses in all kinds of activities from proposal preparation to material supply.


Aims to meet the needs of our valued customers in a timely manner and to grow by contributing to the country’s economy, based on the most economical price policy, by preparing quality offers worthy of its name and reliability in the sector.


Presenting our workforce, which comes from the production that it specializes in with its experience and dynamism, to our esteemed business partners, always strengthening its name and place in the sector with the quality and reliable projects it has signed, and successfully carrying out and completing all the supply activities it has undertaken against public institutions and organizations and private sector organizations in the country and abroad. and to become a worldwide brand by preserving its strong structure.


To fully respond to the expectations of Public or Private Institutions and Organizations by providing quality, economic and environmentally friendly services with central and branch staff who have the knowledge, work experience and discipline on Quality Management and techniques, and fulfill the requirements of the relevant standards, Technical Specifications, Legal and Administrative Legislations.